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Quiet celebrations ...

I was smirking away to myself and Mr Marshy asked what I was looking so pleased about. Hadn't got the nerve to tell him that it was The Sacred Arse scoring a runaway victory in the Hello Poll as he would have been quietly scornful.

And to improve the evening yet further we watched Sharpe's Sword, one of my favourites, not the least because apart from seeing Sharpe shirtless and sweaty, the poor treacherous Captain Lord Spears and the villainous French Colonel are not bad to look at either. It's the form-fitting breeches, I think.

And there is of course that wonderful line where the gallant Major Sharpe turns to Lass after she's nursed him and says "You've saved my life - however can I thank you?"

Answers on a postcard, please ...

And another thing I've always been curious about. Do they or don't they? Yes, I know Sharpe's just recovered from a bone-deep sword cut to the shoulder and a festering bullet-wound in the belly, but since when did that stop him? Remember the night on the hillside with the Marquesa? It was ankle-deep in snow and Sharpe had a bullet-wound in the leg ...
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