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Football bulletin

It's a very wet Sunday over most of England - well, it's p*ssing down here on the NW edge of London and according to the radio 10 minutes ago it was doing the same in South Yorkshire, more precisely at Bramall Lane.

The Blades are playing Wigan, at home, at The Lane, 3 pm kick-off. If they win, or even just draw, they stay up in the Premiership - they need just the one point. BUT if Wigan lose, Wigan are relegated, so it's not going to be a pretty game. If the Blades lost by just the one goal, they could still just stay up - if West Ham (also in danger of relegation) win. problem is, they're playing away. To the new Premiership Champions, Manchester United ...

Anyone know whether Himself is definitely there? I have this vision of him in a quiet corner of the directors' lounge, gnawing his fingernails and smoking too much.

The game is on BBC Radio 5 Live - available online through the website. ANd I'm not going to be able to listen to it, 'cos Mr Marshy is rather poorly and he can't be doing with the racket of broadcast football commentary at present. Will sneak up to the PC now and then to check the score on screen ....

Final score as soon as I find it/them out.
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