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Is it me? Or has nobody else read this?

It always takes me well into the week to read the Saturday papers.

Yesterday afternoon I was idly leafing through the "body & soul" section of the Times from Saturday, not really taking much notice, in fact I threw the paper on top of the recycling pile. And about 90 seconds later, the penny dropped and I snatched the paper back.

It's just a few lines, at the bottom of a sidebar on page 3, a column headed "Well, well ... " and here it is entire -

"At the end of the day, I'd have a few beers, play some music and smash up my hotel room."

Sean Bean, on what happens when he completes a day filming a murder movie.

Have I missed the rest of this interview? Did he confess to other anti-social habits? Have I not read for a long time a better piece of bunny fodder?

I can't believe that nobody's put this up on any of the Bean sites yet, so I'm beginning to presume that it's really rather old news and I am seriously missing something. Anybody out there care to put me out of my misery?
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