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You're going to watch who play football?

The great day has finally come, and me and my friend Beth are going to see Watford play at home tomorrow afternoon. To be more exact, we're going to watch Watford play the Blades. And to be honest, the football won't be uppermost in our minds. What either of us know about The Beautiful Game could be written on the back of a stamp, but we could both bore for England on the subject of Sean Bean.

Beth happens to live close enough to the Watford ground that the club offer people in her road advance tickets at a discount for home matches to make up for the fact that the streets round about the stadium get gridlocked with traffic on match day. Except that we wanted to sit in the away supporters end, so we had to wait until tickets were available through the Sheffield United website, and Beth had to phone up and persuade the nice Yorkshire lady on the other end of the telephone that despite having a central Watford postcode she was a genuine Blades supporter and so was I. At least I can still pour myself into a University of Sheffield sweatshirt which is the nearest I am likely to get to wearing football kit.

It's been a tough week, too much work and too little time to do it in. And this very weekend Mr M is going to start and decorate my study from the bare boards up, so I have to find a temporary home for several dozen teddy bears and 4 or 5 hundred books and a ton weight of paperwork, and I won't have access to the PC for more than a week so will be thoroughly smut-deficient by next weekend. But it will be blissful to have a study that isn't dirty pink and with a carpet that doesn't pong of elderly cat .....

Will try and post a match report before Mr M unhooks the PC late tomorrow afternoon!
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